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Valerie has an amazing energy and we absolutely adore her! She makes learning music so fun and exciting for the kids. My son Keno calls Tuesdays his “special day” because he gets to go to Skunk Rock. He looks forward to it every week. At his first performance we were blown away, he had learned so much in such a short amount of time. We love to see his progress on the drums and look forward to many more sessions of Skunk Rock in his future! Keno’s mom Crista

My little Skunker looks forward to her Skunk Rock class every week. She tells me her favorite thing to do is write songs with her band, sing and hang out with Val. I would highly recommend Skunk Rock for kids who love music and want to learn how to create it. It has been a great pleasure to see my daughter be into something she really enjoys. Brigitte’s mom Brittney

We’ve been a part of the Skunk Rock family since first moving to Flagstaff! Our 8 year-old loves learning from Ms. Val and her team of musicians and educators! Consistently our son’s favorite after-school activity, Skunk Rock teaches technical skills, teamwork, music appreciation, and creativity (not to mention project management and goal-setting)! Our family has enjoyed all that Skunk Rock offers and plans to continue for years to come. Teddy’s dad Ted

Quinn was so excited his first day of Skunkrock he left school early because he couldn’t wait to get there!  That’s a whole other story🤦.  Since that first day his love for skunkrock has only grown more.  I am amazed at how much he has learned how to play the bass in such a short period of time and I am so happy Quinn remains stoked to learn music! Quinn’s dad Mark

Skunk Rock is our son’s favorite activity of the week! Ms.Val gets the kids excited about music by introducing poster making, instrument building, writing songs and working together as a team/band. The final performance is always a special time in our house. Van’s mom Lindsey

Henry and Jack love Skunkrock!! Val is so great with them. Every day they walk out so excited about music and I can tell they are really getting to explore their creative sides. We can’t wait for the next session! Henry and Jack’s mom Katy

I love Skunk Rock because it’s a safe and loving space where my grandson can explore and share himself through music. It’s an environment where he can explore his musical intuition with joy. He comes home from practice with new songs in his head and stories about his new band mate friends. Miguel’s abuela Penelope

Our daughter loves and looks forward to Skunk Rock every week! She likes getting to make new friends and learn basic music concepts. She also likes to dance at the performances 🙂 Lily’s dad Chad

Rylie has always loved music and over the last few sessions of Skunk Rock I have seen her grow in so many ways. She knows how to play drum beats, chords and come up with melodies. She loves going to practice and always comes home with something new to share. Rylie’s mom Shanna

My daughter came home from her first day of Skunk Rock and wanted to know why she couldn’t do it every day! Val‘s love for kids and music is obvious and her excitement is contagious. The space she’s created a safe, supportive and encouraging. My daughter immediately felt welcomed and free to be her self! Marseille’s mom Miriam