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Skunk Rock is focused on building an artistic community for elementary kids where they can express themselves in a safe and loving environment. Skunkers work on playing music together––learning chord progressions and drum beats. They play trivia games, listen to great songs, make band posters and the list goes on . . . Skunkers work together to write songs. They build friendships and trust and find space to express themselves freely. Together they compose melodies and rhythms, write lyrics and identify with music as a part of themselves.

Our music studio

The skunk music studio is the center of our activities. Skunk teacher Caleb and I host “free jamming” throughout the practice. Kids are asked to try all the instruments.  Each jam lasts for about the length of a song and then kids switch instruments or take a break and let other kids in. This gives both the teachers and kids a chance to find their strengths and interestes.

Organized instrument learning

In our music studio we also do organized instrument learning, teaching basic technique for the drums, guitar, bass, piano, and singing.

The bands

Once we get a sense of what each Skunker is most interested in playing and with whom we group them into bands of 3 – 5 kids . . .  and this is where the fun really starts! We work with the kids to name their band, create a band poster and then write an original song to perform at the performance.

The performance

The performance is the height of our efforts. We’ve hosted back yard performances, rented out special event spaces, played at Flagstaff Mall, Cornucopia, to name a few. We usually have about 100 to 150 people attend. It’s magical and each session the kids get better and better (as well as the teachers learning how make it work for the kids)!