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Program photos

Skunk Rock is focused on creating an artistic community for kids where they can express themselves in a safe and loving environment. Skunkers work on playing music together––learning chord progressions and drum beats: They play games and do trivia; make posters and instruments; listen to music and sing karaoke; draw sound waves and talk about the science of sound; and experiment with drum machines and 4 track recorders. The list goes on . . .

Music as communication and friendship

Skunkers work together to write songs. They build friendships and trust and find space to express themselves freely. Together they compose melodies and rhythms, write lyrics and identify with music as a part of themselves.

Music as math

Skunkers learn how notes are like numbers and can be added together in patterns and graphs that represent beats and melodies. They use our 2 drum sets and other percussion instruments and work together on creating steady drum beats.

Music as language and lyrics

Story telling and poetry are fundamental in music making. Active listening activities, poetry slams, singing and storyboarding . . . Skunkers explore rhymes and rhythms and are asked to listen for certain phrases in popular songs. They write poetry and practice performing it. They do storyboarding exercises and work on drafting their own ideas for music videos.

Music as technology and science

Skunkers learn about recording technology––aka “how does music come out of the speaker?” They explore records, cd’s, cassettes, and software. They craft prototypes of their own technology ideas. They learn to string guitars and tighten drum heads. They study sound waves and feel vibrations in speakers.

Music as art

Skunkers do a regular drawing/ paining/ collaging exercises where they express their feelings or reactions to a particular song. We look at famous band posters and album art (obviously age appropriate) and talk about the meaning behind the images. Skunkers create their own band posters and work together in communicating their band concept through art.

Music as movement

Skunkers always like to get their wiggles out so we have a handful of exercises and games that involve movement. We play musical chairs, freeze dance, breakdance to the drum beat and other fun games. We also teach the concept of choreography and how it relates to music. Some of the groups go as far as choreographing a dance for the performance.