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Hello! My name is Val.

I’m the Skunk Rock teacher, business owner, administrator, webmaster, custodian, communications specialist and graphic designer. I’ve worked hard over the last 3 years and am lucky enough to finally call this––Skunk Rock––my full-time job; I’ve never been so happy to pour myself into my work. The creativity and excitement of each kiddo is enough to fuel me for a lifetime.

Our little family of 3 moved to beautiful Flagstaff in May of 2018. Both my husband and I played in bands in Seattle during the 90’s. I played keyboard and guitar. I sang, performed and wrote and recorded many original songs. We were part of the alternative rock/grunge movement happening in Seattle and it was amazing!

I come from a musical family and started playing piano and guitar at the age of 6. I earned a Bachelors of Arts at The Evergreen State college in Olympia, Washington and focused on music composition, music technology, performance, poetry and voice.

In 2016 I earned a Masters of Communications at the University of San Francisco. And now, as a somewhat jack of all trades, I’ve taught public speaking as an adjunct professor, managed a high-end restaurant in Manhattan, worked in public relations and as a speech writer for a university president, worked in marketing and as a graphic designer and most importantly I’m a mom and an aunt and a huge fan of kids.

Skunk Rock is NOT your everyday music lesion (to say the least).

This is my 5th session and 3rd year offering the Skunk Rock program. Every session has been an amazing and enriching adventure. Kids are precious and fill my heart with joy and hope.

Our program focuses on giving elementary students a multi-media, team-building experience through the context of a rock band. We work on playing music together, learning basic guitar and keyboard chords and progressions, simple beats on the drum set; we play games and do trivia; we make band posters and homemade instruments; we listen to music and sing karaoke; we draw sound waves and talk about the science of sound; we experiment with drum machines and 4 track recorders. The list goes on as the joys of music are endless.