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About Me

Before this. . . I was working at Northern Arizona University as a public speaking teacher and a communications specialist for the office of the president. Shortly after COVID took over, NAU President Rita Cheng resigned and my contract ended. After debating many different job options, my husband and I decided to give Skunk Rock a shot. It’s something we’ve both wanted to do for a long time and the COVID-downtime felt like a good opportunity to get it off the ground.

Why I love teaching

I come from a teaching family–my aunts, uncles, grandmas, mom, sister and husband are all teachers. I’m not sure what it is about our personalities but we’re good at teaching kids how to do stuff. Maybe it’s because it gives us an opportunity to learn about something in-depth, or maybe it’s because we find kids to be the most fun and interesting people to hang out with. Whatever the reason, it comes naturally.

What qualifies me to teach music?

I also come from a musical family. Starting at a young age, my sister Ann and I learned to play guitar and piano. We learned various other instruments too. I remember Ann getting off the bus with a trombone twice her own size. I had a lavender clarinet and played first chair. Ann had a drum set and bass guitar in her bedroom. I played saxophone for a while and then cello. By the time we moved out we were ready to take our love of music to another level.

I earned a Bachelor’s of Arts at The Evergreen State college in Olympia, Washington. I focused on music composition, music technology, performance, poetry and voice. For my final year I did an independent study and went to Paris, France to work as an assistant sound engineer (as well as study French poetry and art). All the while I was also playing “professionally” in a band based out of Seattle, WA. I played keyboard and guitar and I sang. We performed a lot. We wrote and recorded many songs. We were a part of the alternative rock/grunge movement happening in Seattle and it was amazing!

I will upload a handful of songs HERE and will continue to update as I dust off the cassette tapes or feel inspired to write something new.

More to come. . .