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Claymation – Stop-Motion Recording

Hi Skunkers!!

Today we are going to watch some claymation music videos and make our own claymation person.

But first before we watch the videos…..

We’re STILL working on a sorting project so please don’t touch anything that is behind the big brown table.

When you are finished with your clay character put it in a plastic bag and put it in your cubby.

Remember to ask them if you need any help. Such as if you can’t find something, if you see dog poop that needs to be picked up, if you want to use the glue gun, if you need a bandaid, etc. . .

Do not bother Val or Caleb while they are rehearsing the music (unless it’s an emergency!)

You are kind and considerate to your fellow Skunkers.

You are respectful to the Skunk Rock house and crafting supplies.

  • Do not use too much glue, too many straws, rubber bands, paint, clay or anything else we put out there for you. These are your supplies so don’t use them up.
  • Put caps back on markers and glue sticks.
  • Use the trash can!

Ellie’s room, John’s room, trampoline, shed, anywhere out front except for the chalk patio.

When your band is called …hustle to the practice room!

Be gentle with the instruments.

Try your best!

This FRIDAY is our performance at the mall.

Listen to your band mates!

Have fun!!!

If you want to play with the hamsters first you need to build them an escape proof maze cage.

Once your maze is done ask Ellie to inspect it and make sure the hamsters won’t escape.

Once everybody has finished their mazes Ellie is in charge of taking both hamsters out of the cage and putting them in the maze.

You can take turns holding them as long as you never put them down (except in their maze). Never put them in peoples hair or anywhere else but gently in your hand.

After they have played in the mazes for about 15 min Ellie will put them back in the cages and they are to remain for the rest of the practice.

When your done clean up the mazes and wash your hands.