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Caleb Winsor

Hey! I’m Caleb, and I’m one of the newer Skunks.

When we signed our kids up for the Skunk Rock summer program, on the first day, I dropped my kids off and waved goodbye. The second day I stayed half an hour and jammed with the kids. The next day I stayed an hour. And now I’m here with the Skunks as much as I can be!

A musical kid

I was a musical kid and all that, playing French Horn, picking up trumpet for jazz band, and finally joining choir my senior year of high school. I went to NAU as an opera major after graduating Coconino High School, working as a singing waiter at Black Bart’s Steakhouse for over 12 years, and I eventually made my way to Indiana University for my opera masters degree.

Opera or even better?

At this point I had to make a choice. I could pursue an opera career in Europe, or I could marry my high school crush who was studying to be a doctor and I could move back to Arizona… so now I live in Arizona!

Montessori to Little Shop

Along the road between here and there, I’ve taught a lot of voice lessons, sang in ALL the churches, taught K-6 music in Phoenix for a few years, taught music at Montessori schools, performed with Arizona Broadway Theater, Flagstaff Light Opera Company, voiced the blood-thirsty plant in Little Shop of Horrors for Scottsdale Community College, and some other stuff.

Rocken at Skunk Rock

Spending time on curriculum, making Skunk Rock the best it can be. Val and I collaborate on all things. It’s awesome. So glad to be a part of the team.