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Today’s Skunk Buck challenge

Hey Skunkers! Today, we’re going to learn about Beyoncé!

Can someone tell me who she is?

Can you tell me what you think this song is about? What did you like about it?

Can you tell me what you think this song is about? What did you like about it?

Beyoncé is not only known for her music but also for her influence on culture, fashion, and activism. She uses her platform to promote important messages such as female empowerment, racial equality, and body positivity. She celebrates her heritage and incorporates elements of Black culture into her music and performances. Beyoncé can serve as a positive role model especially in terms of confidence, self-expression, and hard work.

Does anyone know that she just released a new album??

Beyoncé’s New Album Cowboy Carter

“It was born out of an experience that I had years ago where I did not feel welcomed…and it was very clear that I wasn’t,” Beyoncé writes. “But, because of that experience, I did a deeper dive into the history of Country music and studied our rich musical archive.”

Listening challenge: 1 – 3 skunk bucks

The lyrics “Blackbird singing in the dead of night” reminded her of how slaves relied on music to cope with the pain of daily life. Beals added that the next set of lyrics — “Take these broken wings and learn to fly” and “Take these sunken eyes and learn to see” — captured Black Americans’ strength and determination in a country that historically prevented them from succeeding.

Building challenge: 1 – 3 skunk bucks

Creating a “Queen Bey Crown” inspired by her iconic style and stage presence.