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Important updates!!

Dear Skunk Rock families,

I apologize for not sending you this information earlier but. . .


There are two weeks during the 19 week program that we don’t meet: the week of February 5th and the week of March 11th. In place of these weeks we will be attending a few community events where kids can sign up and have the chance to perform. (This is in addition to our final performance on the 5/17.) Those events are in March and April. I will send a signup sheet sometime during week 7 of the program.

ALSO, this week Skunkers will be asked to do an at-home music challenge. These challenges are important for teaching kids to find musical inspiration in their daily lives. 

Each music challenge is worth a certain number of Skunk Bucks. Follow the directions and earn up to $25 Skunk Bucks. The week following, we will host a Skunk Mart where kids can buy prizes with their hard earned bucks.

If your child is not of reading age you will need to help them with the challenges. Feel free to take your time. They can be done one by one throughout the week.

If you’d rather not do these challenges feel free to come up with your own musical challenges and keep score – up to $25 Skunk Bucks.

If all of this seems to be too much, I will make sure that there is time before the Skunk Mart for kids that could not participate to earn bucks

There’s a few of ways you can go about this.

  1. You can print this PDF and have your kiddo scan the QR codes with a phone or tablet.
  2. You can pull the PDF up on your computer and have your kiddo scan the QR codes with a phone or tablet.
  3. You can go directly to this LINK and click on the challenges there.

The links for these challenges will be up and running by Monday 2/5. I will send a reminder as soon as the content is ready and the challenges are up!

Again, sorry for not communicating this earlier. There were a few things up in the air. Please don’t hesitate to call me or text me ANY questions you might have!!

Thank you!

Val & Caleb