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Overall Philosophy

Skunk Rock is based on Montessori methods that support children in finding creative autonomy within structure. During the 90 minute practice we do a series of 6 activities; each week builds on the activities from the prior week. The activities are described below.

We start practice by winding down from the day, coloring and listening to music. We talk about bands and album art. We define music genres and talk about song structures. We work on naming the group’s band and creating poster art.

Musical Mixup

The next activity is aimed and freely exploring the drum set, guitars, keyboard, microphones and other instruments. We circle around until everyone has had a chance to play each instrument. We talk about what worked, what didn’t and how music is like a conversation between instruments.

Movement and Music

We talk about songs that we like and listen to different parts of them. We do stretches and breathing exercises. We learn about choreography and what it means to make up movements to music.

Much Needed Munching

We serve popcorn, carrots, hummus, bananas, oranges and water (no sugar or nuts). 

Songwriting Session

During each practice we write one song and practice it a few times. This repetition helps Skunkers become more comfortable with the art of songwriting. We keep a record of each song and towards the 6th or 7th week the band selects 2 or 3 songs they want to perform. Then we focus on refining the chosen songs.

Reworking the last half.. coming soon!