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Hello! My name is Val (and that’s Ellie)

I’m the Skunk Rock teacher, business owner, administrator, graphic designer, accountant, custodian, etc. I’ve worked hard over the last 3 years and feel blessed to finally call this––Skunk Rock––my full-time job; I’ve never been so happy to pour myself into my work.

John Devoy

Both my husband and I played in bands in Seattle during the 90’s. I played keyboard and guitar and sang. We performed a lot and wrote and recorded many songs. We were part of the alternative rock/grunge movement happening in Seattle and it was amazing! (Eventually I will post a few audio recordings here!)


Welcome Cami! Skunk Rock is lucky to have you. This outstanding, compassionate, smart and creative person works as a librarian at @puentedehozho elementary and is obviously gifted in working with kids! Before this she worked as an art teacher at a kids painting studio in Phoenix. She plays piano and bass, and loves all things new wave!


This guy, what can I say? As a Skunk Rock graduate, he has made milestones in his 11 year old leadership role: He teaches drum beats and guitar chords; he pops popcorn and serves snack; he monitors the glue gun and hosts musical chars. This Skunker is nothing short of Fantastic!